!!!  The Passion Of DX With The Simplicity Of A Radio Group  !!!

And not of operator who catch the big head :-)






269 DXCC Contacted for 265 DXCC Confirmed & 611 IOTAS Contacted for 594 Confirmed


For moment LOL !!!



  Qsl Design : 161DX014 Radek   



      Qsl Design : 47DX052 Tom      




While hoping very soon to cross the antennas and to make contact with
you: -)



!!! This is a QSL Confirmed by the Members Delta Xray Group !!!


13DX056 Uli, 19DX061 Marcel, 19DX077 Rob, 47DX101 John, 47DX132 Carsten, 152DX/1, 177DX/1, 226DX/1,
226DX/IWI, 329DX007 Simon







Design by 14DX010 Olivier - 2006